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Reinald Udras
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For a partner

I'm Reinald Udras. This page contains information for those who want to work together and create innovative ideas.

For jobseekers

If you are interested in what I do and what solutions I offer my clients, take a look at the portfolio of work done.

My main task is to create a beautiful, responsive website for clients that would satisfy the wishes of even the most demanding client. I'm looking for a person with the same attitude and will who would like to work with me and develop.

My perspective is to create a company with a solid mission, vision and strategy. If you are a person with an open head, a corresponding skill and a good team spirit, I look forward to contacting you!

According to preferences, I expect letters from people who master and know programming languages at least at the basic level and have a strong desire and will to develop. Current preferences are to find a skilled PHP programmer, but in any case, those who know/holders of other programming languages will also benefit.

If you feel that this ad is for you then feel free to contact me and ask for information or an offer!


I have more than 5 years of experience in web programming and web design. I have started studying the field of information technology in the direction of computer and computer networks of Tallinn Polytechnic. Interest arose in creating web pages at the age of 17, when I started studying the relevant specialty independently, starting with HTML. My most professionally strong point at the moment is mastering and knowing the CSS programming language. I know how to make professional, responsive, user-friendly and modern websites for clients that meet the standards of newer web browsers. I conduct private audits for website owners and help me think about setting up a starting task. I also help clients create and configure WordPress, Joomla and Drupal content management software, and carry out accompanying processes such as domain registration, SSL setup, etc. I am flexible and thorough in implementing clients' projects.


Also follow my development plans and plans, what is coming, what is planned and what projects are currently under way. Nb! These are not client projects, but for managing personal projects.

Contact details

You can contact me for information at the e-mail address withtoo[t] or by phone +372 580 39813