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Reinald Udras
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My name is Reinald Udras. I was born on May 5 in Tallinn, pelgulinna maternity ward as the only child in my family.

My hobby is web design and software development. I'm a skinny, slimmer, not very tall boy. I look quite youthful and fully satisfied with my life. It's not in my nature to complain because I know it doesn't go far in life - you have to deal with yourself. So it can be concluded that I am independent. I'm quite picky and pithy and slightly childish. I often get out of control, and I can be offended by even the smallest things. I never listen to what others say, I act on my needs. I'm easily influenced, and I'm going to make a big deal out of any detail. I can't stand evil, evil or anything like that. I'm outwardly youthful and fun.


I have a lot of positive energy in me, which I often pass on to others. I like to be happy and make others feel happy. My hobbies are mainly the manufacture of mock-ups and the like, I also do my own website, and in my spare time I do sports in a state of interest and ride a bicycle, which is also known to be part of the sport. I enjoy life, despite a lot of problems. I set myself high goals, which sometimes prove difficult for me to achieve. Often my plans fail because I don't act on firm plans, I improvise them. I'm often late for appointments because I'm diffuse. I could start later rather than finish sooner. In my case, the rule is that at first you can't get a carriage, but there's no way to keep it afterwards. I'm diffuse in planning times. I'd rather be late than get to the place I want on time, let alone get there prematurely. I enjoy company, and I like to party when I have a chance. I take everything I can take from my life, I'm frivolous, i.e. I fall into the trap of all kinds of temptations and I'm weak but I always manage myself and mostly come up with my problems clean. I'm optimistic, I've set the principle in my life that I can always handle myself, I believe in myself in any situation. I've had a sad childhood, so it's had a big impact on my current behavior but hasn't changed my optimistic nature. I don't get along very well with my parents because I can't adapt to the principles of life – for me, they're too routine and boring. I want something exciting and varied, but I've often been able to burn it out. Like most people, I learn from my mistakes. I get along relatively well with other people, communicate freely with strangers. I'm not holding back, I'm open and able to talk about everything and a lot with completely random people. I'm friendly. In autumn and winter, I go to school and practice, and I also work. I've long liked to do work, so I've never had a job or an overwhelming one. I'm used to different working conditions. Despite the fact that I have had a lifestyle of being diffuse and late for appointments, I am correct and loyal within my employment relationships - that is, I get to work with every weather, health and mood- it's just about how accurate the time. My delays are usually 5-10 minutes to work or appointments. Education and learning, unfortunately, have been one of my weakest aspects and subjects all my life that I don't like to talk about. I constantly learn from my experiences and invent "science" myself. I have a high self-esteem, although I often do not express it very clearly than in certain cases. I like to look good, be loved, and share love with others. I regularly go to hair salons and sometimes in the solarium. In my hobby, I like to engage in sports, namely swimming and hobby practice. I also work out regularly, like at work or in a hairdresser. If there's time, I'll go to the gym with friends or classmates on my days off where my grandmother works. I like to travel a lot and spend money. I don't drink alcohol, and I don't smoke either. So I can be called karsklas. I just don't have time to deal with these things given my busy and busy life. That's who I and my crazy life are. Thank you for getting acquainted!